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Most home's across the UK are connected to the internet via any number of providers such as BT, Sky, Virgin etc. and now it has become a necessity for many homes and business to have constant access to the internet and on-line services, but in some locations across the UK this is not possible.


This is because in some remote locations the infrastructure is not in place to support a home or business in that location or the distance to the exchange is too great for traditional copper lines to perform and provide an acceptable amount of service to the consumer.


The roll out of Fibre Optic lines provided by companies such as BT are reducing the poor broadband data speeds and signal loss in many areas now but they will not be able to resolve the problem for all, such as homes and businesses in remote locations e.g. farm lands and many rural locations.


VitalSAT are able to provide a solution to this problem with a Satellite Broadband system to your home or business.

About Satellite Broadband


No Obligation to buy

Broadband speeds can vary and are dependent on the price you pay, the same as any other provider. Average speeds are normally up to 22Mbps download and up to 6Mbps upload but this depends on the type of system and package to opt into.


We can supply satellite broadband systems for Tooway, SES & Avanti operators.


For most people who have internet via satellite this is a need and not a choice. This does not mean that to have your broadband supplied by satellite is a slow unpleasant experience when it comes to suffering the internet, sending emails, downloading movies or music or just browsing websites but because the demand for satellite broadband is not as great as ADSL or Fibre the price for satellite internet services is often more expensive.


Satellite broadband speeds and reliability have come a long way over the past 10 years & speeds today can be as fast as 22mbps on download and 6mbps on upload making it comparable to ADSL. As with all broadband services download & upload speeds are not guaranteed and can vary due to a number of factors such as time of day, usage airtime package and what is known as a fair use policy (FUP) or fair access policy (FAP).


Although broadband speeds will never be as fast as Fibre broadband, the system operators have heavily invested in new technologies and infrastructures meaning the systems today work extremely well and offer a great, reliable service to those in rural areas where speeds can be extremely slow or no service is available.


Most customers own their satellite broadband equipment and this is the most common type of purchase however, the upfront cost can be expensive and will typically range between £250 - £500 for the equipment depending on the type of system & the satellite operator the customer has chosen. The benefit to this is that the customer owns their equipment meaning that in the future if they decide to stop using the service or fibre becomes available in their area, they can sell the equipment and recoup some of the cost.

There are several ways that customer can obtain their much needed broadband equipment and get on-line.


  • Outright Purchase

  • Rent to Own

  • Rent & Return

  • System Hire

About Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband systems also offer additional benefits that the fixed infrastructure providers cannot.


So what are the advantages & disadvantages of satellite broadband systems for the customer?





Installation is fairly quick compared to a fixed infrastructure supplier.

VitalSAT guarantee our customers that their installation will be complete with them browsing the internet within 5 working days from the time they have ordered the system or on a date to suit them.



As the system operates through a satellite dish, it is very easy to move or relocate to a new position or area. If a customer moves address or goes away for a few weeks to a location that has no internet, they can have their broadband up & running the same day they move in or arrive at the new location.



Broadband speeds are or can be extremely poor and slow in rural areas on a fixed infrastructure. Satellite broadband systems can be installed at any location within the UK as long as the dish has a clear line of sight and the speeds will remain exactly the same no matter the area. Satellite broadband speeds will never be as fast as Fibre broadband but are comparable to ADSL and are faster than dial-up.





Although monthly airtime cost on the lower domestic packages are comparable with broadband price through other providers, the equipment and installation can be expensive and can range from £250 -£500 for the equipment and £120 - £400 for the installation. VitalSAT’s average charges for equipment & installation are £299.99 for the broadband equipment on SES and £119.99 for standard installation on all operator systems.



Satellite broadband systems need a clear line of sight in order to transmit and receive data. Obstructions such as tall building & trees can cause major issues with the performance of any system. Bad weather can also affect the connection speed between the ground based and orbital satellite. Using one of our demo kits for 48 hours or arranging a visit from us to inspect your property and the proposed location of installation will ensure that you will receive the best possible service.



Not all devices and service are compatible with satellite broadband systems for example, some VPN’s that business use do not allow access via satellite broadband in this case you would need to speak to your IT department for a resolve and some ADSL equipment like wireless routers are also not compatible. Remote access for CCTV system is only available on static IP address systems which are allocated to business use so tend to be more expensive. Talk to us if you have any concerns about any equipment you wish to use.

Operator’s we use

We believe that SES offers the best value for money & service. This is why SES broadband is our preferred operator.


SES offer the lowest monthly airtime costs with a great, reliable, fast internet service. Download speeds are up to 20mbps and upload speeds are up to 2mbps depending on the airtime package you chose. They also have the lowest equipment costs making SES a good all round system. SES allow their customers to install the equipment themselves saving money on installation fees

SES Broadband formally known as Astra Connect

Tooway is the most popular operator and have been around for many years.

Tooway offer the fastest download speeds of up to 22mbps and upload of up to 6mbps but Tooway have become a product of their own success and the Tooway service is now becoming congested. This means that there is a reduction in download & upload speeds which effects all customers. Customers can still reach the maximum download & upload speeds but this rarely occurs during the day and peak hours.

Tooway are looking to increase their fleet and offer greater bandwidth which will resolve the problem but for now customers need to bear this in mind if deciding on a Tooway system.

Saying all this Tooway offer an excellent service and are (as stated above) the most popular operator.

Tooway allow their customers to install the equipment themselves saving money on installation fees



Avanti is the newest operator of the three and is also a British based company.

Avanti offer reliable download speeds of up to 15mbps and upload speeds of up to 2.5mbps depending on the airtime package customers select.

The hardware & equipment is the most expensive of the three costing around £400 plus the installation fee and there is no option for self-installation. Every Avanti system must be professionally installed by an approved installation company such as VitalSAT.


Monthly airtime charges are comparable to Tooway.


Satellite Broadband Systems

Satellite broadband systems are known as bi-directional  which means they transmit and receive data. This data is sent to or received by a satellite that is 36,000km above the earth in what’s known as a geostationary orbit.

This means that the satellites speed in orbit is matched with the Earths rotational speed at around 26,000kph so that the orbiting satellite appears in the exact same location at all times.


Whichever satellite operator you have chosen to use or have been advised to use, they will have their own satellite or group of satellites in orbit where the satellite dish installed at your home or whatever location you have selected it to be installed at will need to point towards. This means your satellite dish will need a clear line of sight so no obstructions such as tall trees or tall buildings.


On the whole internet by satellite is a reliable, fast service for many homes & business where there is no fixed infrastructure and although the start-up costs for the systems can be more expensive the benefits to most homes and business in rural areas outweigh the cost.

If you believe that a satellite broadband system is the best or only option for you or you would like to speak to us about the best option for you or your business, then contact us and we will be happy to help with any questions you have or advice you are seeking.

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