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Fibre Optic Systems

VitalSAT are specialists in Fibre Optic Aerial & Satellite systems (FIRS), (FTTH and FITH). As technology is progressing the need for more data, faster connections, better reliability and more robust system with the ability to be future proof and to keep up with the ever-expanding technology of the Aerial, Satellite, Telecommunications and IT industry is a must.


Our company is one of the few aerial & satellite specialists in the UK that current specialise in these systems and are experts in the field of aerial and satellite communal systems.


Working with companies such as Fracarro and Global 2 of the leading manufacturers of fibre optic equipment for satellite systems in the aerial and satellite industry, we can offer and install bespoke systems in to property's that can cater to the every need of the architect, developer, property managing agent or landlord.


Our systems are designed around each building and made to suit the needs of the tenants, the requirements of the owner or designer and the specifications of the building. We are fully trained and experienced in fibre optic cabling and communal system installations & servicing.

  • Immune to electromagnetic interference

  • Non-conductive, copper cables can be susceptible to interference from other signals such as the 4G LTE issue that will arise for some people when 4G goes live in their area.

  • High Bandwidth over long distances

  • Non-flammable cabling

  • Minimal signal attenuation compared to copper cabling

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to upgrade or add on with minimal disruption and cost


To discover the complete benefits of installing one of our systems and the full rang of options available or, for a free no obligation quote, contact us via the enquiries form.

The need for more data and faster speeds over greater distances is reaching the point that copper lines cannot cope with. Coaxial systems require cable runs that are no longer then around 100 meters and require amplifiers in order to increase the distance any further but even with the system being amplified the signal will eventually fall to an unusable level of signal or data. With fibre systems they can be run for kilometres with next to no loss in signal and requiring a lot less effort to get the signal there. This means that one Fibre Optic IRS, MATV, SMATV, FSD or MDU system can be installed that will run an entire estate eliminating the need for amplifiers that may or may not work and the cost of installing a system on each individual building within the estate. A fibre optic system can run not just 100 or so flats but 1000 if required. This is just one advantage but there is more

So why chose a fibre optic communal system over and conventional coaxial system?

Fibre Optic Communal TV Systems

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