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Our maintenance contracts are flexible and cost effective. The provide the owners and residence peace of mind knowing if there is ever an issue that we are just a phone call away.


Our maintenance packages are extremely competitive and offer great value for money. All parts and labour are included in our packages and our contracts just 12 months long which automatically default to rolling 30 day at the end of your contracted term.


Taking a maintenance contract with VitalSAT is done in just a few easy steps!

We provide service call outs for business's and commercial premises, whether your premises is a pub, bar, office, hotel etc. we are able resolve any issue you are having with your system. Our prices are set fees so you only pay for what is needed. We provide warranties on all parts and labour supplied by us and can normally attend your property the same day, within 24 hours or at your convenience.

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Communal system repairs for FSD, IRS, MATV, SMATV, MDU, SCR and Fibre systems.

VitalSAT will provide a fast, reliable service to quickly repair any issues or faults you have with any of these systems.

If you are unsure of which type of system you currently have on a property or building that is experiencing issues then please follow this link to communal systems and you will find a description for each system.


If you are still unsure then contact us and we will be happy to assist you over the phone.

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Communal System Service & Maintenance


Complete the maintenance & service form



complete a site system survey & check the systems health


We start your maintenance cover & provide the residence our contact details

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Communal TV Installations

Communal TV

Communal System Hire

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System Rental Maintain or Repair Survey & Quote SCS / SCR

Our communal TV systems for multi-dwelling properties are an ideal solution to supply TV to every property without spoiling the look of your building

A professional service.


Faults & issues resolved quickly and permanently


Maintenance Service & Repair

Our communal rental systems are ideal for those who want a low cost solution.


System rentals start from as little as £20.00 p/m

Take a FREE survey & we will provide a quote for the required works.

Single Cable Solution / Router

For those buildings restricted to a signal cable to each flat or apartment. We have a solution that allows multiple connections through a single cable